There's Something Very Strange About The People Of Mueck


If they seem a little off to you, you're right.

Mostly because they aren't alive - they're sculptures. This is "Couple Under An Umbrella, 2013." Even in blown-up sizes, they still look incredibly realistic. No camera tricks here.
Ron Mueck, pictured giving one of his creations a pedicure below, used to work in film and children's television. He's since gone on to create amazing, hyperrealistic sculptures of people: The People of Mueck.
Mueck has managed to expertly create the nuances of skin and body hair in a way rivaled by few artists.
He left television and started sculpting in 1996. It's hard to believe that his body of work reflects less than 20 years of experience.
Mueck's people are not made of skin or - as I imagined - latex. They begin as clay forms, which is later replaced with a mixture of silicone, resin, and fiberglass.
Though she's a sculpture, it's easy to forget that she's not actually standing there with you, breathing your air.
"Boy" is five meters tall and weighs more than one thousand pounds. The intensity in his eyes feels human...but it's not.
'If they succeed as fun things to have in the room, I'm happy. At the same time, I wouldn't be satisfied if they didn't have some kind of presence that made you think they're more than just objects,' said Mr. Mueck.
I'd say it's working. Museum-goers step as close as possible to examine the details...Mueck's sculptures are insanely life-like, right down to the pores and hair follicles.
The artist at work.