bolin in supermarket wall of soup containers

Liu Bolin’s art has been featured in hundreds of blogs and magazines (including Illusion), his work has been displayed in galleries in New York, France and beyond; and he was a guest speackerat TED. This chinese artistalready has a heavy schedule for the fall, as he’ll be showcasing his pictures at Artinternational, Paris Photo, Art Tapei, Art14 London and Art Stage Singapore.

“The Invisible Man” (as Bolin is often named) paints his body to create the illusion he is part of the environment. His visuals address important sociopolitical issues; for example, he began the series “Hiding in the City” (in 2005) “after the Chinese police destroyed Suo Jia Cun, the Beijing artists’ village in which he’d been working, because the government did not want artists working and living together. With the help of assistants, he painstakingly painted his clothes, face, and hair to blend into the background of a demolished studio.”

pollack style photo of lui bolin in the paintingbolin hidden in a sea of red chairsbolin in front of a wall fall of chinese papersbolin blended into a background of sunflowersbolin in gold and blue wallbolin emerged into comic booksbolin liu behind the scenes, makeup