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22 of the Most Realistic and Creative Animal Body Art

22 of the Most Realistic and Creative Animal Body Art

Some people feels special connection with animals, which gives us a big part of why we find animal body art like this amusing and appealing.  There are all varieties of things that body artists can draw on their human canvases, however natural animal forms appear to match perfectly with the shapes of our own bodies.

Through these artists’ masterful illusions, the stylish curves of the models in these photographs can transform the arch of a giraffe’s back, the graceful and sleek flank of a tropical fish, or the nostril of a wild tiger which makes it the most creative animal body art you will ever see.

reptile body art designArtist: Gesine Marwedel
amazing tiger body artArtist: Gesine Marwedel
Flamingo Animal Body ArtArtist: Gesine Marwedel
giraffe animal body artArtist: Emma Fay
Betta Fish Animal Body ArtArtist: Gesine Marwedel
Amazing Elephant Body ArtArtist: Guido Daniele
Bird Animal Body Art
Artist: Gesine Marwedel
Tiger animal body artArtist: Craig Tracy
Humming bird body art designArtist: Gesine Marwedel
spider body artArtist: Emma Fay
Eagle hand artArtist: Guido Daniele
Butterfly Body ArtArtist: Wiser Oner
Iguana Body ArtArtist: Gesine Marwedel
Fish Animal Body Art
Fish Body ArtArtist : unknown
amazing animal body artArtist: Gesine Marwedel
humming bird body artArtist: Kate Spinks Dean
Amazing snake body artArtist: Guido Daniele
Sea Horse Body ArtArtist: Gesine Marwedel
colorful sea horse animal body artArtist: Emma Fay
awesome peacock body artArtist: Kate Spinks Dean