WWF Desertification: Elephant, elephant turns to dust, poster design

As you know, companies invest a lot of money on advertising campaigns in attempt to stand out from the crowd and persuade consumers to buy more. There are also print ads that serve to raise awareness about environmental issues like the WWF poster with an elephant disintegrating into sand,
which means desertification has continued to destroy six thousand species every year. It isn’t easy to make people look at an advert pasted on a billboard or a bus stop shelter, but creative directors try to find clever and original ideas to capture the public’s interest. Sometimes they get cool ideas from the simplest things found at home from fruit lying on a kitchen counter to just daydreaming in the office.

Bench Fix Hairstyling Products: Gecko, poster

Bench Fix Hairstyling Products: Gecko,” by advertising agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno (Philippines). Creative Directors: Melvin Mangada and Marci Reyes.

WWF Desertification: Elephant, elephant turns to dust, poster design
WWF Desertification: Elephant” by Contrapunto Barcelona (Spain). Chief creativeofficers: Carlos Jorge and Felix Del Valle.
Colgate Dental Floss: Kiwi, print ad poster
Colgate Dental Floss: Kiwi” by Cerebro Y&R (Panama). Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron.
Kielo travel agency: Pool, print ad poster
Kielo travel agency: Pool” by New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R (Serbia). Creative Director: Svetlana Copic.
Staedtler: Architecture, pencils carved into buildings, poster design
Staedtler: Architecture” by Leo Burnett (China). Executive creative director: Connie Lo.
Braun Cruzer: Super Beards Batman
Braun Cruzer: Super Beards Batman” by BBDO Proximity (Germany). Executive creative director: Michael Funk.
Strange Adventures Comic Book Shops: Superman. print ad poster
Strange Adventures Comic Book Shops: Superman” by Impact (Canada). Creative director: Eric Miller.
McDonald's: Re-opening, two, print ad
McDonald’s: Re-opening” by DDB (Denmark). Creative director: Poul Mikkelsen.
Maxam: Civilization, Egypt, print ad
Maxam: Civilization, Egypt” by JWT (China). Creative Directors: Yang Yeo, Elvis Chau and Hattie Cheng.
Canon PowerShoot S90, print ad, poster
Canon PowerShoot S90” by Giovanni+Draft FCB (Brazil). Creative directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John and Benjamin Yung Jr.