This Guy Isn’t Just Skiing. Scroll Down As Camera Zooms Out. Holy…

The man in the photo is call Simon Beck. He spends hours upon hours walking over snow to create these stunning masterpieces. He’s been making these intricate patterns in the snow for years and is a true artist. You’ll understand what I mean as you scroll down.

At first, he looks like a normal skier. Then you being to scroll…

He makes these snow patterns mainly in the French Alps, using the snow as his canvas.

He spends hours on the carefully crafted design. The scale of this one below is staggering.

The design can stretch for several MILES.

His pieces are insanely detailed and intricate.

Here he is. Might want to at least wrap up warm there Simon!

Check out the Facebook page dedicated to his art. But first, share his beautiful work with a friend.