Not only is it an animation about football. Nike surprises with "The last game".


A video that deserves respect at the time of overdose football. 
Yes, this time the World Cup is filling the patience of designer and advertising. All layouts with the flag colors, all trade with samba and tropical climate. All commemorative logos, changing its institutional colors. An excess of that crowd and the Brazilians had enough. 

But ... A brand did something VERY well produced, despite the trite theme of the moment. And I had to post this animation, which reinforces the "Risk everything" concept, Nike. 
The script tells the story of players clones created to calculate the moves accurately. The "human" then players begin to be replaced by the creatures. Until Ronado Phenomenon solves gather the old gang, who was in search of new jobs (Neymar, for example, turned hairdresser) again. Behold stars like David Luiz, Ribery, Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, among others, risk everything to save the boy football.


The video is full of brand products, such as ball, cleats and shirts, but the story and the beautiful execution of 3D does not make the result look like just another commercial. 
The creation of the agency is Wieden + Kennedy (Portland) and production is studio Passion Pictures, directed by Jon Saunders. 
Watch "The last game".