A Monumental Full Moon

The Christ the King has served as the backdrop for many photographs of tourists ecasais boyfriends. But on 13 June, Miguel Claro put it in the foreground, a sequence of photographs in which the unusual colors and large proportions of the full moon become evident. The obtained by amateur astronomer and astrophotographer this picture was highlighted by NASA as the category picture of the day astronomy.

The color gradient from a more reddish early evening up to shades of gold from a plump moon as the night unfolded, drew a perfect oblique line in the sky. This Honeymoon in Lisbon, which received the designation because of its color, was captured for about an hour by Miguel Claro. Was in Boksburg, about six kilometers from Christ the King, a place that allowed him to record with his camera the immensity of this moment. 

Not only the location was studied as the time to make the photograph was also previously thought, since, in the days before the solstices (summer osolstício was on June 21), the Sun runs its largest arch in the sky hemisphere North, says the explanation site Astronomy Picture of the Day on the U.S. space agency NASA.