Brown Tape Art by Mark Khaisman

Brown Tape Art Couple

Brown Tape Art is  is a collection of quality artwork done by Ukrainian Artist Mark Khaisman who studied Art and Architecture at the MoscowArchitectural Institute in Russia.
Currently living in Philadelphia USA, Mark experiments with various mediums to create innovative art. He describes his technique as pictorial illusions made with light and shadows.
In this series of Art he uses Brown Tape or packing Tape as we know it to play with degrees of opacity that produces shades of color and 3D effects.
Enjoy the fascination work of Mark Khaisman and please share.

Brown Tape Art Artist at work
Packing Tape Art
Tape Robot
Girl in reflection mood in tape art
Selfies in brown tape
Chair art in tape
Lady on the phone art brown tape
Packing brown tape portrait
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