The September 11 and the Advertising World

As everyone knows, September 11 will complete 10 years since the unfortunate attack on the united States, that shook the world. So, we have decided to take a selection
 of some campaigns inspired in this tragic event.

In 2009, DDB Brazil created an ever-intriguing and impactfull campaign fot the WWF Brazil that connects this fact with environmental problems, asserting that: "The tsunami killed 100 times more people than the September 11, 2001. The planet is extremely poerful. Respect it. Preserve it."

The piece caused a lot of controversy, by showing dozens of planes heading towards Manhattan. Check out the video of the campaign:

Tsunami WWF from Haendel Dantas on Vimeo.

The french agency CLM BBDO created the campaign for the Fondation Nicolas Hulot, who also struggled against the destruction of natural resources. the image of two tree alludes to the burning twin towers. And the tagline: "For nature, everyday is 9/11? (in nature, everyday is September 11)", complete the piece.

The Twin Towers (wich in fact became the symbol of this tragedy) has also inspired this piece created by DDB New Zealand for an anti-smoking campaign ASH

of all the campaigns we have found, that for an indian pharmaceutical company was the most bizarre and clueless, that warns of a problem in the bones. "Everyone thinks that their joints are secure and strong. until the day that osteoarthritis causes them to collapse".

And this is an old ad for the Pakistan Airlines (1979), wich intrigued many people after the attack.
If you like this selection, or if you some campaign that you like to see in this list, please send us