Disparity - A Work by Christopher Boffoli


Based on the idea of using food and toys to recreate everydau scenes, Christopher Boffoli created the collection "Disparity".
Since he was just a kid, Boffoli have

been always interested by size disparity and juxtaposition of scales beetween peoples and things. As Boffoli says, "theres in some part a god-like feeling to having command of an entire world, wich you can rearrange at any capricious whim".

Fine fishing friends

Asparagus painters

Unpleasant conversations

Twinkie field casualty

Toothpick maker

The stickup

The stash

The landscaper

State and church

Rice cemetary

Playing through

Mustard technician

Macaron team

Classic peg

Frosting harvest

Frites climber

Egg crack road crew

Coffee crew

Coffee busker

Coconut cupcake snowball fight

Chocolate cake demo crew

Canoe au lait

Butter business bureau

Barricade challenger

Banana riders

Are you sure this is the right way

Chocolate crumb cleanup