OAKOAK - Urban Inventions that Will Surprise you

The work is a true customization OaKoAk cities gray. In addition to fun, it's also great reference point. Meet the country of the Eiffel Tower through the eyes of this French.

Leaving home to work, fight traffic, holes, worn sidewalks ... Plates and more signs. Living in a big city is stressful, tiring, routine. And when it always seems to fall in that sameness of concrete on concrete, here comes someone to leave his mark everywhere he goes.
The image that the French OaKoAk happening is that while they are in conversation he is always traveling and looking for something in your imagination. See what he did and say if you do not have that same feeling. After all, what is a storm drain as well as a necessary and we must be careful when we went over to see if there are too loose?
Well, that same sewer has a different meaning in French. It can be many things, and absolutely nothing without grace. OaKoAk live in a world very different from ours. His life is a big coloring book, where the ink and humor come together in a perfect result.

Urban inventions. That's how he calls. And, indeed, is a name that looks good. Combines. He always liked to photograph the little details of the old industrial town that lives and began to wonder what else they could be. He likes to change the city and started with some pictures on the ground in 2006 but in 2007 it was the thing meshed.

Same thing for those born to it. He loves to roam the city, discovering new streets and buildings. OaKoAk joins it to your imagination and have everything you need. There are pieces that last a few minutes and there are those that take hours to complete. But the pieces that he likes best are those in which he spoke little and in which the environment gives all meaning.

If you do not have the chance soon to pass through the streets of Saint-Etienne, Marseille, Lyon, Paris, a little blog will satisfy your curiosity. OaKoAk does his job in exchange for just one thing: get a smile on your face.