Minnesota by the Eyes of Dan Anderson

The American photographer Dan Anderson heard the anthem of Minnesota, the "state of ten thousand lakes", and holds in its Flickr page a collection of images that portray beauty.
"Thy son and dayghters true / Will Proclaim thee near and far, / They Shall guard thy fame and adore thy name / Thou shalt be Their Northern Star." - That the letter of the hymn of Minnesota, the state of the bread and butter and rodent gopher. Located in the north-central United States of America, Minnesota became the 11 May 1858 the 32nd state in the country. Its name comes from combining two words of the Sioux Indian language group - water (mine) and color-heaven (leeward) - and was the name given by ancient peoples to the river of the same name. The state is known for his transport companies for the production of wheat and butter and for being the "land of ten thousand lakes."
Dan Anderson, part-time photographer, captures the essence of the state with its objective, focusing on the cities of Saint Paul (capital, where he lives) and Minneapolis (the most populous city). Practice photography for just over three years, and became self-taught through practice and trial and error. They are images that capture both the stunning beauty of the landscapes of this state (and other areas of the United States), as cosmopolitanism and daily life of two great cities of Minnesota.
Technically, it takes refuge in a Sony A700 camera and retouch images in Photoshop, so you have the ideal look. Without a highly professional, has learned to master the technique through books and the web: an active member on the website Flickr is that there are other photographers that inspire you.
For Anderson, the harder it is to take the photo, you find exactly what you want to capture. Until now, images captured in locations as diverse as St. Anthony Cemetery in Watkins, Minnesota to the Oceanarium, the commercial center of Gaviidae Common, the cascades of Minnehaha, central government, the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and The Conservatory Marjorie McNeely in Saint Paul. The night shots are one of their common land.