The Amazing Iron Sculpture Man

Leveraging these Technical expertise as an Industrial Mechanical engineer, the Italian artist Mattia Trotta were born with the most amazing wire sculptures we’ve Ever seen.

The Iron Sculpture master the whole process begins with an outline drawing. Because he does not use any welding or brazing, and works entirely with these Hand, the hard labor of the manual it often preceded by a design on paper.
Trotta rubbish is created by the skeleton of steel wire wrapped around with. One by one, Wire are tangled and compacted to my son-in the casing. “Every Twist and wire it from the Reason Given to exist,” explains Trotta. Once complete, the Iron sculptures are soaked in the acid to prevent corrosion and to the natural extract of the color of Lust From the Wire.
“Thoughts, Information Sharing, Emotions – Everything is connected in the chain one,” says Trotta. “My chain sets the rhythm and the speed of water so tied are related Will cover the Light and Shadow, chaos, and calm, then, the Air and Matt, Heaven and Earth . “